Emergency Services Chaplains

Serving Responders

& Citizens in Crisis

Last Updated: March 2021

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-  A magazine article features the work of this ministry.   Click here.

--  International Recruitment:  At the encouragement of National Director of Chaplaincy (USA) Manny Cordero, we have been responding to chaplaincy training requests from many African countries. Please help us recruit new chaplain across the USA and around the world.

--  Are you a mandated reporter?   If so, you MUST report any reasonable suspicion of abuse or neglect of children or the elderly.   

--  The Book of Acts comes alive.  

Written under the pseudonym , Joshua Adams, the book “A Cop and His God” records the life and spiritual adventures of  a cop in the southwest. It reads like a modern day  Book of Acts.  Check it out at the following website:  www.acopandhisgod.com     

Church Planting & Church Growth

Many  denominations are focusing on planting new church. Church planters are being called of God and sanctioned by their faith groups to start new churches from scratch. But how do they find avenues into their communities. First responders are one group that church planters are targeting. They are hosting “Hero Day” and holding banquets honoring these public servants. Also, emergency services chaplaincy is a great way to encounter hurting people in times of crisis. Chaplains are often official members of the 9-1-1 response team.

Church Growth - What better way to grow a church and increase church attendance than to help people in times of crisis in your local community. Building relationships with those who are hurting, and who are spiritually lost, can become a bridge, increasing overall church attendance. Do you want to be a more effective church? Become a volunteer emergency services chaplain.