Emergency Services Chaplains

Serving Responders

& Citizens in Crisis

Last Updated: March 2021

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Robby & Betty (Jeter) Jernigan

A/G  U. S.  Missionaries

Acct. # 217224

Jernigan’s Mailing Address:  P O Box 701,  Marshfield, MO  65706

Average Faith Promise:   Individual  or  Family  =  $360 per year  ($ 30 per mo)

                                                 From  A  Church  =  $720 per year  ($ 60 per mo)

A Faith Promise is a covenant between you and God.  Prayerfully ask Him what He would have you give to this ministry.  Whatever He tells you to give, fill out a Faith

Promise Form for that amount.  Then believe Him to supply that amount from unexpected or undesignated funds.   Many people have seen God supply the needs of missionaries in miraculous ways through Faith Promise giving.  IT BUILDS  YOUR FAITH!


To recruit, train, and place chaplains  in emergency services departments across the United States.

Fire, Police, EMS,

and Dispatch





Watch a 53 minute PodCast:

Zoom Interview & Teaching on Chaplaincy