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Last Updated: March 2021

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A female minister in Malawi, Africa wanted to take our online chaplain training. As part of our approval process for international applicants, she conducted a community services project. The result of the project was that dozens accepted Jesus as their Savior for the first time, including the village chief. A Bible-believing church was planted and an African pastor was installed to lead the congregation. PRAISE GOD and thank you Martha Mwanyongo.

A woman’s husband died in his sleep.  The chaplain  arrived to provide comfort.  But a week later, during an ice storm, she had no power, no heat,  the trees in her yard were destroyed, and she was losing hope.  She became desperate and considered suicide. CLICK TO READ MORE . . .  


A single, soon-to-be mom  was expecting her first child.  But she began hemorrhaging and an ambulance was called.   At 2:00 A.M. the chaplain was there to comfort and console.  But now she was stuck at the hospital for over eight hours.  How would she get home?



She was one of two in the ambulance. Vomit was flying.   The chaplain, also an EMT, rode into the hospital with them.  She called him her  “Angel in the Ambulance.”  CLICK  TO READ MORE . . .


Rev. Martha Mwanyongo

Malawi, Africa

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